At Holden Pharmacy, we believe in a hands-on approach.

We look out for our customers and make sure they get the care they deserve. We believe that getting a prescription filled should be a pain-free experience. No one should have to wait for hours when in pain. No one should have to wait for hours…period.

Our desire is to put the community back into pharmacy!

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40 years ago Tom’s father was my pharmacist. 20 years ago, Allison and Tom were my pharmacists. Today, Tom is my pharmacist. I have never known anything but, honesty, integrity and the highest standard of performance from the Holden family.
Craig O
Frankfort and the surrounding communities are lucky to finally have a choice that includes quality pharmacy care.
Leslie D
I never dread a visit to the pharmacy when I am going to see Tom. He is very professional, but his personality makes the visit fun.
Cheryl O
I have known the Holdens from when they bought the pharmacy in Mulberry. They were both so friendly and always took care of our prescription needs. I will use your pharmacy in the future. Always enjoyed Tom at Rossville CVS. I am so excited you are coming to Frankfort!
Janice G
It’s nice to have a local pharmacy that isn’t part of a big chain.
Steve G
We have known the Holden’s for more than 26 years. We have always found them to be honest hard-working people.
Sue J
Caring, compassionate, professional and personal; always going the extra mile! When I think of Tom and Allison Holden those words come to mind. As Director of Hospice of Clinton County, I always knew I could depend on them!
Beverly Brewer
How very much I have appreciated the professional manner in which Tom and Allison at Holden Pharmacy have cared for me. They have always been courteous, efficient, and answered my questions and concerns promptly. I always knew that I was in good hands.
Carol M
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